Hey all, Kuir here again with another topic for discussion. After having finally read the manga in full, I now ask, what would you guys haveliked to have seen in it?

For myself:

I wished they showed more of the things around Misuzu and Kakeru that were happening. Granted, I liked that this story had Misuzu as the main character and Kakeru ended up with her (an improvement on the anime). There was just so much missing though.

Acedia's fight and death was not in there. Nor was Avaraitia's, which was a bummer when they showed him in the backround covered in flames in the lead up to the fight you didn't see.

All these things that just were left out made the manga suffer since it was only twelve issues, and like the anime, which was not enough to cover what happened.

Still, I liked it, especially since Misuzu is my favorite character and Yuka died, a plus.

So, what is your take?

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