Hello al! Kuir here!

It is quite clear that the anime adataion was not so successful and was heavily criticized in comparison to its visual novel. So my question is what you would have wanted to see and if maybe more episodes would be better. So here is a place to put what you think would have been better in the story.

I'll go first:

For one: The Larvae were completely unintimidating. The blobs might have gotten away with it in the first episode, but they should have made them tougher as the show went on. In the second episode, you see massive ones flying above, why not fight them? And also change them a bit in behavior. Maybe they are attacking to push them towards Lieselotte and give a reason why they dont attack the Black Knights.

Kakeru's character development was poor as he stayed in the protect Yuka phase throughout the story. We see brief moments where its about power, maybe that should have been expanded.

Yuka: Lets face it, the yandere phase at the end was pretty much one of the things that is a great divide. I liked it, but others didn't.

Expand a bit on Kukuri, that wouldn't hurt.

The Black Knights and fights.

  • Gula's fight was good as it was the warm-up. A few others were good for their Misuzu fights, but Misuzu vs Superbia sucked after the first one. They always just stood across from each other and talked, barely crossing swords. Even in the final fight, they briefly fought, stood apart for minutes, and then the cool scene of Misuzu's swords destroyed.
  • With Kukuri fighting, I think a cool thing would be to show the chains not only impale the target, but also coil around them and crush them, that would have made Acedia's death so much cooler.
  • Just better fighting sequences in general would have been cool.

Relationship and their part in character development. This definitely had its effect. Misuzu went from critical of Kakeru to endearing in one episode. Granted, her head was in his lap in between that but still, they could have done better to develop that relationship, which they did towards the end. Other relationship could use the same advice. Another would have been a couple more episodes to explain more that couldn't be done in twelve.

Updated Idea

In a 20+ episode arc, I think we could have had the main 11eyes story along with crossover happening simultaneously, explaining Shiori's absence in the anime early on. Throughout the story, they could put single episodes that show the lead up of Lisette turning into lieselotte and the Index mages fighting her and dying until they became the Black Knights.

This way, the pace would change and you could see more of the 11eyes universe...

That's all I can think of at the moment, comment and give your own ideas...

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