• The Snowbold

    Hey all, Kuir here again with another topic for discussion. After having finally read the manga in full, I now ask, what would you guys haveliked to have seen in it?

    For myself:

    I wished they showed more of the things around Misuzu and Kakeru that were happening. Granted, I liked that this story had Misuzu as the main character and Kakeru ended up with her (an improvement on the anime). There was just so much missing though.

    Acedia's fight and death was not in there. Nor was Avaraitia's, which was a bummer when they showed him in the backround covered in flames in the lead up to the fight you didn't see.

    All these things that just were left out made the manga suffer since it was only twelve issues, and like the anime, which was not enough to c…

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  • The Snowbold

    Hey all! Kuir here with another amazing question:

    How did you get into 11eyes?

    How did you hear about it?

    What venue did you experience it, and when did you start to check out the others?

    Me first then:

    On Avatar Wiki, a fan used Misuzu's character as a pic for their own fanon character. Combined with Crunchyroll showing it after I finished School Days, one thing led to another!

    I checked the wiki soon after and am trying to get the games for myself.

    Now your turn!!!

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  • The Snowbold

    Hello al! Kuir here!

    It is quite clear that the anime adataion was not so successful and was heavily criticized in comparison to its visual novel. So my question is what you would have wanted to see and if maybe more episodes would be better. So here is a place to put what you think would have been better in the story.

    I'll go first:

    For one: The Larvae were completely unintimidating. The blobs might have gotten away with it in the first episode, but they should have made them tougher as the show went on. In the second episode, you see massive ones flying above, why not fight them? And also change them a bit in behavior. Maybe they are attacking to push them towards Lieselotte and give a reason why they dont attack the Black Knights.

    Kakeru's …

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