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Kashagiri Hiromitsu

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Weapon, Katana




Misuzu Kusakabe (rights relinquished)



Kashagiri Hiromitsu (火車切広光 Kashagiri Hiromitsu) is one of the Kusakabe Seven Swords and also the largest. It uses fire element to increase offense power. It is sealed inside the middle finger nail of Misuzu Kusakabe.


Kashagiri is a big nodachi with the blade length of over 3 shaku. It is difficult to maintain, but holds extraordinary destructive power.

Believed to have been in the possession of Kenshin Uesugi, Kashagiri is said to have been used to slay a kasha, a type of youkai riding a chariot wrapped in flames. The sword absorbed its the youkai's demonic flames, allowing it utilize the same flames against its wielder's opponents.

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